Panko Japanese Crumbs 100g YOSHI

Category: Grains & Beans

Japanese cuisine as a crunchy coating for fried food. Panko is made from special bread baked without a crust that is coarsely ground into large, airy, light flakes. Panko coats without packing and when fried, produces a very crispy finish that does not absorb oil easily. Used to coat fish and shellfish for deep-frying. It adds wonderful texture when used as a binder in crab cakes. Substituted Panko for breadcrumbs and experience the difference!


wheat flour, shortening, canola oil, palm oil, soybean oil, yeast, glucose, salt, yeast food, salt ammonium choride, wheat flour, calcium sulfate, ascorbic acid, cornstarch, calcium carbonate, magnesium sulfate, glucose, oxidase, amylase. NOT SUITABLE FOR CONSUMPTION BY PERSONS WITH AN ALLERGY TO WHEAT, SOY & SULPHITES.

Product Info

  • sku: 205003
  • brand: YOSHI


  • Serving_Size_consumer_friendly1/2 cup
  • Serving_Size_consumer_francais1/2 tasse
  • Serving_Size_g_ml28 g
  • Calories_amount100
  • Fat_Total_g1 g
  • Fat_Total_Daily_Value_percent2%
  • Saturated_Fat_g0 g
  • Saturated_Daily_Value_percent0%
  • Carbohydrate_g20 g
  • Carbohydrate_Daily_Value_percent7%
  • Carbohydrate_Fiber_g1 g
  • Carbohydrate_Fiber_Daily_Value_percent4%
  • Carbohydrate_Sugar_g1 g
  • Sodium_Daily_Value_percent5%
  • Cholesterol_g0 mg
  • Protein_g4 g
  • Calcium_percent0%
  • Iron_percent10%
  • Vitamin_A_percent0%
  • Vitamin_C_percent0%
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