Kniqua Ancient Pudding Blend 260g YOSHI

Category: Grains & Beans

Need an easy dessert that you can store in the fridge and serve as needed throughout the week to calm that sweet tooth craving? With a decadent blend of Forbidden Rice, Red, White and Black Quinoa, this rice pudding blend is impossible to pass up. Made with real vanilla, cinnamon and star anise, you can simply cook the blend in the milk of your choice, add your favorite nuts as a garnish, and poof, you have a delicious dessert!


black knight rice, tri-blend quinoa (white, black and red quinoa), vanilla bean, cinnamon stick, star anise, green cardamom pod.

Product Info

  • sku: 204300
  • brand: YOSHI


  • Serving_Size_consumer_friendly1/3 cup
  • Serving_Size_consumer_francais1/3 tasse
  • Serving_Size_g_ml60 g (DRY)
  • Calories_amount223
  • Fat_Total_g3 g
  • Fat_Total_Daily_Value_percent5%
  • Saturated_Fat_g0 g
  • Saturated_Daily_Value_percent0%
  • Carbohydrate_g45 g
  • Carbohydrate_Daily_Value_percent15%
  • Carbohydrate_Fiber_g4 g
  • Carbohydrate_Fiber_Daily_Value_percent16%
  • Carbohydrate_Sugar_g1 g
  • Sodium_Daily_Value_percent0%
  • Cholesterol_g0 mg
  • Protein_g7 g
  • Calcium_percent2%
  • Iron_percent16%
  • Vitamin_A_percent0%
  • Vitamin_C_percent0%
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