How to Cook with Black Garlic

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How to Cook with Black Garlic

Black garlic has become a hot, new ingredient amongst chefs recently and for a very good reason. Quite simply, this is fermented fresh garlic with a creamy soft texture and a slightly sweet taste with a hint of licorice. Garlic bulbs are kept at a low temperature for weeks at a time in a humid environment until the fresh garlic enzymes break down. These enzymes give garlic its sharp taste and when they are removed the garlic becomes sweet and smooth. Black garlic isn’t something that you’d find in your local grocery store. You’ll need to look for this type of garlic at a gourmet shop and it’s always best to find the best quality black garlic on the market to experience the full taste sensation. While the taste is smooth, it can also be considered aggressive due to its deep flavor. How to Cook with Black Garlic When it comes to black garlic, the possibilities are virtually endless. To enjoy a pronounced flavor, purée it with foods that are neutrally-flavored such as cream-based sauces or mayonnaise. You can also use it in your favorite dishes that you feel are missing something but you can’t put your finger on...

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